Eli Sanchez is a
magician that specializes in memorable
effects and personal connections

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Eli has been taking an academic approach to learning magic over the past several years. From baby showers to live podcasts, he has performed for all sorts of audiences. Whether its in an office before a company wide meeting or during trivia breaks at a brewery, Eli is always finding unique opportunities to hone his craft and become better as a performer. He has dazzled banquet halls during fundraising events and made multiple appearances for a monthly recurring magic show in the Twin Cities (Sunday Night Magic) featuring Las Vegas caliber performers.

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The main idea Eli seeks to to instill in his audiences is that You Can Do Magic Without Doing Tricks. He never sets out to fool or deceive his spectators. The main goal is to remind everyone what it felt like when you first saw something astonishing like a thunder storm or the ocean. To put you back in that moment when you witnessed something unbelievable. Like an about-me section of a magician’s website that isn’t filled with cliches about astonishment and breathtaking effects.

Ultimately Eli does not see himself as getting hired to do magic tricks. His job is to make people laugh, have fun and hopefully give them a memory that they can’t wait to share with their friends and loved ones. Most importantly when the backdrop of that memory is your event.  

Reach out to hire me for your next event! booking@elisanchezmagic.com

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