Eli the Magician 1

Bringing joy to the youth of this nation


Eli Sanchez and his magic brings a whole different kind of energy to the events and shows he performs at. Whether it’s a corporate happy hour, birthday party, theatre show or wedding reception - Eli spices up the party and leaves guests with a night to remember. With his conversational style and relaxed approach, your guests will be at ease while captivated by Eli’s unforgettable performances. He’s definitely funny too, like really funny.

But not TOO funny.

Eli the Magician

private events

Not sure what to use for entertainment when the venue has a “no fire breathers” clause? Hire a magician! Strolling table side magic will liven up any party and adds a memorable experience to an already well thought out event. Do you like card tricks? Well strap in for 40 minutes straight of ONLY card tricks… (not). Eli uses common props or borrowed items to astonish party goers all while making it feel like a playful conversation. Perfect for:


School Carnivals

Holiday Parties

Corporate Happy Hours

Grand Openings

Black Tie Affairs

Art Galleries

Wedding Receptions

Bachelorette Parties



birthday parties

Pin the tail on the donkey, limbo, watching the golden child open up presents that they’ll be tired of in 10 minutes. BORRRR-ING! How about you gather up all those little booger eaters and plop em right down in the living room for a half hour of some good clean fun. Make sure to discuss any allergies to doves, goldfish or elephants. Fun for the whole family(except for the kids). Ideal ages would range from 5-55.

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STage shows

An opening magic act is a great way to warm up a crowd. Even better, an Emcee with a sharp wit and a penchant for dazzling an audience. As a formally recurring character on a national Saturday morning fashion/talk show, Eli thinks quick on his feet and rolls with the punches. With experience performing for intimate groups and crowds up to 100, Eli has routines that fit all audience sizes. With flexible rates, something as simple as a 5-minute routine could really jazz up your:

Corporate award ceremony


Charity Dinner

Student Orientation

Business Conference

Halloween Party

Community Center Events

Divorce Court